The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit root “yuj”, whose meaning is

Join - Join - Hold

The state of Yoga is the union of the I individual to the divine will.


The first indications of the practice of Yoga date back to the time of the ancient pre-Aryan civilization (2000-3000 BC)


So we could enter deep and infinite waters when talking about this practice, from the different forms or variations that it has been given throughout history, integrating its practice into our lives as a philosophy of life .


At Ecohotel El Agua we understand and practice it in an accessible and enjoyable way for all levels.


Through a present and conscious breathing, being the essence and the heart of the practice of YOGA, uniting harmonic movements that move our energy to reach postures (ASANAS) that they provide benefits on our physical and mental health.


At Ecohotel El Agua we have designed a program to learn more about the union that yoga seeks between body and spirit, seeking awareness of our body by achieving longer and deeper breaths. at the same time of constant and balanced movements.


We dedicate the practice of YOGA so that our physical (tangible) part gains strength and flexibility and our internal (non-tangible) part gains observation, listening and acceptance.


Both seek to gain space and change perception by contributing Wellness and Health.


The practitioner must perfect each of the 8 steps to reach 'liberation'. These 8 branches described by Patanjali are:

Yama: social code.

Niyama: personal code.

Asana: posture.

Pranayama: energy control through breath control.

Pratyahara: liberation of the mind from the control of the senses.

Dharana: concentration.

Dhyana: meditation.

Samadhi: state of superconsciousness, liberation.

At the Ecohotel El Agua we perform PILATES training on a yoga mat instead of using machines and training equipment.


This modality of PILATES focuses on the core of the body, being very beneficial for those people who have pain or problems in the back, critical injuries or who are going through rehabilitation processes.

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