Our gastronomy

"Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food."


Our body and food.

Our body is wise and balanced when we behave respectfully towards it. 

A healthy diet with high bioavailability has a direct impact on our health, well-being and as a consequence has a direct impact on our happiness.

A well-nourished cell is a healthy cell: it guarantees longevity to our body

Nurturing ourselves with Live Food provides us with essential Micro and Macronutrients that will also fulfill a function of pre- and probiotics such as:

Each of these groups allows us to have vitality and sufficient energy for our body to function properly, improve our immune system and help us prevent and combat many diseases called « of civilization»such as type II diabetes, obesity, neurodegenerative diseases, certain pathologies of the heart (ischemic), etc.

The live food ingredients are:

At Ecohotel El Agua we offer 3 types of food.

Vegan food

Food that uses exclusively cooked or raw plant-based ingredients.


Raw vegan food

They are exclusively vegetable foods that have NOT been cooked at temperatures above 41 degrees, protecting their molecular chain and keeping the food with all its nutritional properties. On some occasions, this type of diet includes dehydrated foods or foods heated with hot water, such as some soups and broths.


Vegetarian Food (ovo-lacto-fish)

Artisan cheeses of local production
Atlantic fresh fish 
Happy chicken eggs
Organic honey


Each guest can request from our team of chefs the one that best suits their needs.

All the delight that the countryside gives us! And of course prepared with Love and Joy for LIFE

At Ecohotel El Agua, we choose these foods because they are an excellent source of energy, they also contain a large amount of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes and other protective phytonutrients (chlorophyll, carotenoids, etc.).

During culinary preparation, we take great care of vitamins and enzymes (they are responsible for the assimilation of nutrients from the food we eat), which are highly sensitive to temperatures above 41 degrees.



Our responsibility when we choose our food is to choose organic food directly from the land that has NOT been treated with phytosanitary products, local and seasonal, avoiding all food packaged in plastic.

“From the field to your plate”

Turning the act of eating into an integral and respectful act for our health and that of our ecosystems.

Why choose organic food?

Is it so:
Why Living Food?
How to eat and combine food

Our digestive system: where it all begins.

Also in the Living Food, we take into account:

When to eat

How to eat

How to chew

How to combine foods


Will my digestive system not be negatively affected?

Unlike. Do not eat processed products, without preservatives, without aromas, free of toxins, without added sugars and flavor enhancers, you will ONLY improve your digestion and take care of yourself.

Is that "fuel" food efficient for me in terms of health?

By nourishing yourself with healthy foods, you can only improve your health and prevent many diseases.

Will I have enough energy to carry out sports activities?

In accordance with caloric exhaustion, and in particular for people who usually practice high-level physical activities, the food will have to be in accordance with the intensity of the exercise requested from the body.

Numerous elite athletes and world champions in their discipline practice veganism, vegetarianism or raw veganism.

In addition, your body, by assimilating quality food, will not have to work harder to eliminate toxins, so your physical condition will be improved.

Combining certain food groups is counterproductive for the digestive process, although we have eaten healthy and good quality food, our body works excessively and produces decompositions that alter the physiological balance of the body. 


Making our digestion difficult implies requiring our body to subtract resources from our body instead of, for example, strengthening our immune system, or improving the production of hormones.

"Eating healthy is living healthy and long"