It is a hydrotherapy technique where water is used for therapeutic purposes.

The term Watsu derives from “Wa” which refers to water and “tsu” which refers to pressure.

"Watsu is a technique that combines relaxation in the aquatic environment (water) with Shiatsu massage."

Its main function is to stimulate and relax the different structures of the musculoskeletal system through movements, in addition to facilitating blood circulation.

The pool water is acclimatized (between 34º to 36º) which allows you to remain floating throughout the session with a feeling of warmth and comfort.

The movements of the watsu, similar to those of a dance, are made in harmony with the breath and the movement of the water.

The session is carried out with the assistance of an instructor, who guides and supports the user while exerting manual pressure on the acupuncture points and meridians and mobilizing the joints in a sequence of harmonic movements.

This technique, together with the therapeutic effect of hot water, weightlessness and the three-dimensionality of the movements, allows the person to reach states of deep relaxation.

Having the body submerged in water allows you to take advantage of the state of weightlessness and contact with the water, generating freedom of movement that makes this massage technique one of the most relaxing that exists.

The WATSU decompresses and mobilizes the joints, lengthens the muscles and, in addition, provides a great state of well-being and relaxation.

It is a genuine experience of connection with yourself.

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