Traditional Thai Massage


Traditional Thai Massage

NUAD BO-RARN is one of the main branches of the system of Traditional Thai Medicine developed in Southeast Asia more than 2500 years ago, taking as references the work and wisdom of Jivaka Kumar Bhacca or Doctor Shivago. In the ancient scriptures of Theravada Buddhism, this Doctor is referred to as a friend and physician of Buddha, as well as physician to the early Buddhist monks. Currently dubbed as yoga for "lazy people", NUAD BO-RARN or traditional Thai massage is, in part, a therapy that works on the entire body.

It is done dry, on clothes, with stretching techniques based on Thai Yoga postures, acupressure techniques applied to the sinus or energy lines and other techniques that make this discipline a particularly particular form. of:

Balance, work, relax and energize the body.

Aimed at people of all ages, this ancient therapy is presented today as a versatile and flexible discipline that especially benefits athletes, dancers, people looking for:

Thus, it works on the tissues in a deep and superficial way, inducing a state of relaxation and well-being necessary for the balance of the organism understood as a whole interrelated with each other and with the environment.

In this massage, the patient interacts with the therapist in a coordinated dance setting their rhythm with their breathing.

In this way you can simply relax or activate, depending on the focus of the session, but you always experience a change in your energetic state, your physical condition and your mental rhythm.

Traditionally, a two-hour Thai massage has been considered complete, due to the complexity of the therapy, although intense, effective and restorative work can also be developed in sessions of an hour and a half or an hour.

You will experience the effects of this oriental holistic therapy through three types of personalized sessions.

These will focus on your particular conditions and circumstances for best results.

Likewise, we will explain what the session consists of and we will indicate practices and exercises that will benefit you daily to correct your imbalance and gain quality of life.


Deep abdominal massage

“The Taoist sages of ancient China observed that human beings often have energy blockages in the internal organs that cause knots and tangles in the abdomen. [...] When they are clogged, the internal organs accumulate harmful energies that can flood other body systems and manifest in the form of negative emotions and illnesses”. Mantak and Maneewan Chia.

Chi: Life energy

Nei Tsang: Internal Organs

When traditional Thai medicine developed, greatly influenced by the traditional Chinese medicine and el Ayuverda, the Chi Nei Tsang left a notable mark on the therapeutic techniques that have been used to date in Tailandia.

That is why, today, this powerful holistic therapy is approached in Thailand by combining it with traditional Thai massage passes and with the application of bags of therapeutic herbs heated by steam, as we do in massage Thai Herbal. The passes are directed to:

Likewise, the Chi Nei Tsan massage is an excellent purification job, aimed at those who need or wish to rid the body of toxins.


Thai foot massage

The work carried out from the tips of the fingers to the knee will restore the energy flow throughout the body thanks to the stimulation of the reflex points of various organs in both feet,

Also, the tension accumulated in the soles of the feet, heels, fingers, ankles, calves and calves will dissipate during the session.

The benefits of this treatment will continue to appear for hours after the session through comforting changes in the body.


Energy Hammering Massage

With 5,000 years of practice and development, most of the knowledge of this ancient Thai healing technique comes from the period of the Lanna kingdom, which means “Land of a million fields of rice”, established in Northern Thailand between the 13th and 18th centuries.

Tok: Hammer

Sen: Power line


Three tools:

Through them, with this shamanic medicine technique, outstanding physical, mental and energetic benefits are achieved.

The body relaxes by feeling the rhythmic and gentle hammering along the extremities, back, chest, even the abdomen and skull (only applied by expert therapists).

The vibration it produces reaches deep tissues and its waves spread throughout the interior of the body.

The mind falls into a state of deep concentration guided by the rhythmic sound of percussion and the energy begins to flow freely as the session progresses.

An ancient technique to restore lightness and harmony to the body and mind.

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