Massages in Tenerife: Enjoy the benefits of this timeless therapy

Massage has the power to transport stressed minds into a realm of bliss. The simple art of rubbing and massaging tired muscles offers a respite, a sanctuary where tension disappears and body and mind find harmony again. Massages in Tenerife can be reserved to relieve the burdens of daily life or to treat symptoms of chronic pain. Others simply to enjoy a moment of pure relaxation.

What is massage therapy?

Pamper your senses, nourish your body and discover the healing power of touch. In ancient Egyptian, Chinese, Roman and Greek civilisations, massage was a holistic practice revered for preventing and curing disease.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), massage is an essential treatment method for balancing the body's basic energy, known as Qi. The ancient teachings have been passed down through time to form the basis of what we now recognise as modern massage therapy.


Massages in Tenerife in the EcoHotel El Agua

Step into the soothing oasis of the spa, which features a botanically scented hammam, sauna, Jacuzzi and ice water pool. Seek solace in this sanctuary and let the gentle hands of expert therapists guide you to renewed vitality and inner peace. Enjoy a single massage or combine it with alternative therapies such as the Wim Hoff method, watsu or Shirodhara during your stay.

Benefits of enjoying massages in Tenerife

In addition to eliminating stress and tension stored in the body, there are many benefits of massage therapy. Although the list is long, these are our favourite benefits:

Improved circulation

Massage therapy, regardless of style, promotes better blood circulation in the body, which facilitates the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the cells and aids in the elimination of toxins and waste products.


Stronger immune system

Massage therapy increases the production of white blood cells, the cells that play a crucial role in the body's defence against illness and disease.

Better sleep quality

When receiving a massage, the body enters a deep state of relaxation that reduces stress levels. This improves the quality and duration of sleep, which helps to alleviate disorders such as insomnia and restless leg syndrome.

Reduction of anxiety symptoms

People suffering from depression and anxiety benefit from massage therapy as it promotes the release of endorphins, serotonin and dopamine, neurotransmitters associated with feelings of happiness and relaxation.

All our SPA treatments are reserved exclusively for guests staying at the Ecohotel El Agua.


Relaxing massage

We customise the massage to your body's needs
Normal/average pressure

50 min / 65 min / 80 min

Anti-stress massage

Relaxing massage on legs and arms + deep back, neck and head massage.

50 min / 65 min / 80 min

Deep tissue massage

Ideal for muscular contractures. We work at a deep level in the area of the body that is being
you need.

50 min / 65 min / 80 min

Magic Hands Massage - Hot Stones

If you have tensions due to mental stress, this is the massage for you.
We will combine the heat of the stones with deep pressure so that you will experience a
feeling of total disconnection 50 min / 80 min 

Foot Reflexology

Relaxing massage combining the technique of pressure on the reflex points of the feet.

45 min 



Harmonious massage with stretching and firm pressure that will make you forget your mind.

80 min

Aphrodite Treatment

A special experience for her. Awaken your senses with an exfoliating powder exfoliation.
rice and jasmine essence. And a moisturising with Bulgarian rose water.
80 min

LymphoSlim Treatment

A new lymphatic drainage technique that helps you to shape your body and eliminate toxins.

80 min

Traditional Thai Massage

Massage with pressure and stretching that will transport your body and mind to a state of absolute relaxation. (The massage is performed on the floor and requires comfortable clothing).


Botanical (16-25)

A treatment inspired by botanical benefits removes impurities and keeps skin soft and moisturised.

50 min

3D Anti-ageing (25-50)

Treatment for wrinkles and expression lines. The mask will be applied according to your needs.


Repair (+50)

Combat the many reasons skin ages with this treatment that addresses wrinkles, uneven skin tone, skin firmness, and more!

Special for him

Cleansing, exfoliation, mask and massage


Vitamin C+E Treatment

A necessary antioxidant treatment to keep skin luminous, firm and radiant.


Treatment for sensitive skin

A facial with gentle formulas suitable for sensitive skin.

50 min


Blessed Body

Method of reduction of the abdomen or legs and buttocks (localised treatment). We will reduce cellulite, fluid retention and improve the circulatory system.

70 min

Blessed moulding

Moulding of the abdomen or legs and buttocks (localised treatment). We will reduce cellulite and fluid retention, and improve the circulatory system.

70 min

Blessed Woman

From the 12th week of pregnancy. Reduces the discomfort and swelling of pregnancy while achieving a state of deep relaxation.


Blessed Harmony

Reach a state of deep relaxation and lightness with our relaxing wood therapy massage.

50 min

Bendito Rostro (Blessed Face) Facial wood therapy with a lifting effect.

We activate the circulation, bringing luminosity to the skin, achieving a state of total relaxation.


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