The Wellness Spa

Only for guests of the Ecohotel El Agua

Nestled in a quiet corner of the EcoHotel El Agua, our wellness spa offers guests a sanctuary of serenity during their stay. Admire the views of the cascading ravine beneath the hotel's feet as you relax in the saltwater jacuzzi. Those looking for an exciting way to stimulate circulation will enjoy the chilly temperatures of the plunge pool. Meanwhile, behind the elaborately carved wooden door, guests can soothe tired muscles in the sauna, enjoy moments of unwinding in the hammam and sample a menu of treatments inspired from all corners of the world.Man's love affair with the sauna is an enduring, worldwide relationship that dates back to antiquity. As soon as man discovered how to create fire, he wasted no time in discovering how to benefit from its warm embrace. It is universally human to seek refuge in the warmth of a sauna. Although the concept has its roots deeply intertwined with Scandinavian culture, every civilisation has its own version. From Turkish hammams and Japanese onsen to Mexican temazcals and Russian banyas, humans have sought heat for healing and purification since the dawn of time.


Our Spirit

Our mission is to offer guests a holistic wellness experience from the moment they set foot in the hotel. Based on the practices of Hippocratic medicine and integrating the sacred teachings of Eastern and Western medicine, our aim is to harmonise mind, body and spirit. In this way, we address problems at their root, allowing the body to regain balance and heal itself. Anthony Picq, founder of NAOKŌ healing hotels, parent company of EcoHotel El Agua, believes that the body can regain optimal health with the right healing protocols, he is the one who brings our philosophy to life. As a naturopath, phytotherapist and self-taught hygienist, Anthony has instilled these practices into a wide range of treatments.


With elements of wabi-sabi and Feng Shui design, the spa reflects the relaxing, minimalist aesthetic of Villa Olivo and its surroundings. Natural hues and handcrafted artwork in the corners soothe racing thoughts. The design details reflect a wellness journey that spans the globe. From the woodwork preserved using the Japanese Shou sugi ban method to the Moroccan-inspired architectural forms used to create the hammam, ZIRĀ studios (the brainchild of Anthony Picq) have created an opulent oasis of calm.



To enhance the overall wellness experience, guests are encouraged to enjoy the spa's varied menu of treatments. Designed to realign energy, promote deep relaxation and encourage a holistic view of health, our treatments are the perfect way to fill an afternoon with bliss.

Spa treatments

Stimulate circulation, detoxify the body and relax the mind in the Scandinavian-inspired sauna. Ideal for relaxing and preparing the body for further treatments, the sauna sessions at EcoHotel El Agua lay the foundation for a holistic wellness experience.


Stimulate circulation, detoxify the body and relax the mind in the Scandinavian-inspired sauna. Ideal for relaxing and preparing the body for further treatments, the sauna sessions at the EcoHotel El Agua lay the foundation for a wellness experience.


Experience the rejuvenating effect of moist heat in our traditional Hammam. Ideal for deep cleansing and mental tranquillity, the Hammam complements the benefits of the sauna, offering a complete ritual for the body and mind.


Body treatments

Relaxing massage

Unwind after a busy day and gently escape the daily pressures with a relaxing holistic full body massage. Ideal for those looking to unwind, this massage goes beyond the typical relaxing treatment. Designed to stimulate circulation, release serotonin and reduce symptoms associated with anxiety and stress, this massage is ideal if you want to take a break from your day.

Deep Tissue" Massage

Eliminate muscle pain and tension with a targeted massage that penetrates deep into the muscle layers to treat chronic pain and stiffness. Ideal for people with specific muscle problems.

Sports massage

Designed for athletes or people with an active lifestyle, sports massage focuses on improving flexibility, preventing injury and speeding recovery. It is best used as a pre- or post-exercise treatment.

Hot stone and sesame oil massage

Connect with nature and find inner peace with a hot stone massage. With sesame oil, this treatment aids relaxation, relieves muscle tension and improves overall well-being. Perfect for those seeking a luxurious and relaxing experience.


An ancient Ayurvedic treatment consisting of a continuous flow of warm herbal oil over the forehead. Ideal for inducing a state of deep meditation, Shirodhara is mostly used for mental relaxation and promoting a sense of inner peace.

Slimming anti-cellulite massage

Targeting cellulite-prone areas, a combination of exfoliation, seaweed wrap and massage is used with specialised techniques to improve circulation and lymphatic drainage. Ideal for those who wish to treat cellulite.



Stimulate vital organs and increase overall well-being with a reflexology massage focusing on key pressure points on the feet.


Enjoy a Shiatsu massage based on the Japanese technique of rhythmic pressure on specific points of the body. Ideal for balancing the body's energy and promoting general well-being.


Additional treatments


Soothe overworked muscles with a Watsu treatment where the therapeutic benefits of water are combined with strategic bodywork. Ideal for those seeking relaxation and a unique experience of weightlessness.


Yoga / Pilates

Incorporate movement and mindfulness into your routine with yoga or pilates. Ideal for improving flexibility, strength and mental wellbeing.

Yoga - pilates

Ice bath / Breathing work

Experience the invigorating power of cold exposure and breath work, promoting mental clarity and stamina. Ideal for an invigorating adventure after a sauna session.

Ice bath