Detoxify body and mind in the Spa and Sauna of the EcoHotel El Agua

Turn up the temperature on your wellness routine and detoxify your body in the spa and sauna at EcoHotel El Agua.

The sizzle of water thrown over hot stones. The intoxicating humidity as the mercury rises and the sand of the hourglass trickles into nothingness. The sensation of heat penetrating each and every cell of your body. Then, just when you think you can't take any more heat, it's time to plunge into the freezing cold water of the plunge pool. The invigorating holistic high you feel after this wellness experience is the reason why so many people search far and wide for the best spa and sauna for their holidays.
Man's love for the sauna is an enduring, worldwide relationship that dates back to antiquity. As soon as man discovered how to create fire, he wasted no time in discovering how to benefit from its warm embrace. It is universally human to seek refuge in the warmth of a sauna. Although the concept has its roots deeply intertwined with Scandinavian culture, every civilisation has its own version. From Turkish hammams and Japanese onsen to Mexican temazcals and Russian banyas, humans have sought heat for healing and purification since the dawn of time.

The spa and sauna of the EcoHotel El Agua

Nestled in an oasis of sprawling hills dotted with olive and cypress trees, fragrant lavender and a myriad of aromatic shrubs, the spa invites guests to disconnect from the outside world. Behind the beautifully carved wooden door lies a haven of holistic health. Equipped with hammam, sauna, Jacuzzi, cold water pool and massage table ready for Shirodhara rituals, these treatments fit perfectly into an afternoon. With an ethos closely aligned with Hippocratic health principles and delicately nuanced with ancient wisdom drawn from Ayurveda, Scandinavian healing practices and Chinese medicine, the wellness treatments at the EcoHotel El Agua spa and sauna are designed for optimal holistic health and wellbeing.

Brief history of the sauna ritual

Some believe that the sauna's charm dates back 10,000 years, while others trace it back 5,000 years. But what they all agree on is its Scandinavian DNA. From the depths of the forests of Finland to the snowy vistas of Sweden, the sauna was (and still is) a sacred place. Used by many to cleanse the body before church and the Sabbath, the weekly visit to the sauna marked the end of one week and the beginning of the next.
Traditionally, the ancient Finns worshipped the four elements in the sauna: air, fire, water and earth. The sauna was an integral part of folk healing and was believed to be enriched with ancestral wisdom and the power of ancestors and deities. In 1890, in Finland, folk healing became illegal and talk of the spiritual rituals of the sauna became taboo. Today, the secrets of the sauna have been passed down by wise women and its healing properties are once again celebrated.

Relax and restore mind and body in the hotel sauna.

Sit, strip and sweat inside Tenerife's modern traditional dry sauna and let the fire and ice work their magic. The sauna spa experience at EcoHotel El Agua is not simply a way to cleanse the body, but an integral part of our commitment to conscious wellbeing. Once the sauna door is closed, all stress disappears and the body is encouraged to release its tension, creating space for deep relaxation. As the heat penetrates every muscle and the aromas of the sauna's essential oils linger in the air, the demands of everyday life recede into the background. Guests are invited to focus on the present and connect with their inner self as a dynamic release of toxins and impurities through perspiration rejuvenates the body.

The benefits of using the sauna in the hotel's wellness suite

As well as promoting a state of unparalleled bliss, sauna therapy is well known for its holistic health benefits. From improved circulation to anti-ageing, guests enjoying a stay at the EcoHotel El Agua hotel and sauna can benefit from the advantages of sauna therapy. Want to know more? Here are some of the reasons why you should visit a sauna in Tenerife.

Improved circulation

There's nothing like a hot, sweaty sauna to get the blood pumping. This increased blood flow brings oxygen and essential nutrients to cells throughout the body, promoting cardiovascular health and revitalising the skin.


Work up a sweat and eliminate toxins from the body. The deep cleansing properties of detoxification not only benefit the skin, but also promote optimal internal organ health, leaving you fit and rejuvenated.

Improving the immune system

As mercury increases, so does our body's production of white blood cells, which helps boost the immune response and enables the body to better fight infections.

Stress relief and mental well-being

There is nothing like a steam session in the sauna to eliminate stress and tension. The release of endorphins during the treatment will improve your mood and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Muscle relaxation and pain relief

It's no surprise why saunas are an athlete's best friend. The warm embrace of the sauna soothes muscles, improves blood flow and relaxes the body. This potent blend can help relieve pain from conditions such as stiffness and arthritis.

Improvement of respiratory function

Warm, moist air works wonders for respiratory health, especially when essential oils are used in the spa and sauna experience. Inhaling sauna air can help clear the airways, reducing symptoms of conditions such as asthma and nasal congestion.

Promotes relaxation and improves sleep

Sleep like a newborn baby after a restorative sauna session thanks to the deep relaxation provoked during the experience. Let your body relax and float in the warm air inside the cabin.

Combine your sauna session with other holistic wellness rituals

Let yourself be seduced by the charm of the state-of-the-art spa and enhance your sauna experience by adding another treatment. Choose from a long list of therapies and personalise your wellness journey during your stay.

Combine sauna with hammam:

At EcoHotel El Agua, we believe in offering a holistic wellness experience and combining a sauna session with a traditional Hammam treatment takes relaxation to new heights. A harmonious balance can be found in the contrasting elements of the dry heat of the sauna and the moist heat of the Hammam. Prepare the body and mind and warm up the muscles with a sweaty sauna session before heading to the Hammam for a deep cleansing ritual.

Enjoy the synergy of sauna combined with Shirodhara

For those seeking a transcendental journey into deep relaxation, combining a sauna session with a Shirodhara treatment is an incomparable experience. Soothe tired and aching muscles in the warm confines of the sauna and enter a state of deep relaxation, allowing for a deeper absorption of the benefits of Shirodhara. The continuous flow of warm herbal oil over the forehead during Shirodhara induces a deep meditative state, reflecting the serenity of the sauna and providing a holistic escape for the soul.

Wim Hof and sauna techniques

For those drawn to the invigorating power of cold exposure and breathing, incorporating Wim Hof techniques into a sauna session adds a unique dimension to the wellness experience. Prepare the body and stimulate circulation with the fiery heat of the sauna. Once the sauna experience is over, Wim Hof breathing techniques and exposure to cold water or air stimulate the nervous system, improving mental clarity and increasing energy levels. This dynamic combination of extreme temperature variations is not only stimulating, but also fosters a sense of resilience, leaving you feeling invigorated and empowered.