The concept behind the Ecohotel El Agua

The concept behind El Agua ecohotel goes beyond simply being a place to relax; it is a sanctuary for personal growth and transformation. By combining the natural beauty of its surroundings with the wisdom and guidance of world-renowned coaching leaders, a unique space is created where guests can immerse themselves in a journey of self-exploration and development.

The retreats and seminars organised at Ecohotel El Agua are designed to address diverse areas of participants' lives, from spiritual to financial and personal aspects. The integration of integrative medicine therapies and live food-based nutrition amplifies the benefits of these experiences, promoting holistic health and mental wellbeing.


In addition, the wabi sabi philosophy present in the design and approach of the ecohotel emphasises beauty in imperfection and simplicity, creating a welcoming and harmonious environment that invites reflection and connection with oneself and nature.
With the commitment to become a worldwide reference point in the field of coaching, the Ecohotel El Agua is positioned as a unique destination for those in search of a holistic approach to personal growth and fulfilment.