Custodian of the land: Meet Anthony Picq, founder of EcoHotel El Agua

An advocate for holistic health and the natural riches of Tenerife, EcoHotel El Agua founder, Anthony Picq is on a mission to reframe our narrative on sustainable, eco-friendly luxury travel.

Famed for its endless summer and dreamy beach escapes, Tenerife has long been a firm favourite for travellers. Anthony Picq, founder and owner of NAOKŌ Healing Hotels is intent on preserving and future-proofing the island's natural beauty with his latest project, EcoHotel El Agua.

A hilltop hideaway where time stands still

The eco-luxury hotel lies deep in the heart of Tenerife, nestled away in the sun-drenched Arico valley. This new holistic concept incorporates locally sourced materials with elements of wabi-sabi to create a calming, healing sanctuary. Anthony has created a place to chill, recharge and disconnect and in doing so, we are able to reconnect with ourselves and tune into what our mind, body and soul are craving.

An expert in sustainable tourism

Born in the south of France, Anthony Picq spent his early years as a professional athlete before pivoting into the sustainable tourism sector. With over 25 years of experience, Anthony has split his time between Tenerife and Barcelona, witnessing firsthand the growing demand for holistic hotels. 

A connoisseur of well-being, Anthony, a self-taught hygienist, naturopath, and phytotherapist, has designed state-of-the-art treatments at EcoHotel El Agua, many of which he incorporates into his day-to-day routine. Engage him in discussions ranging from ecology and spirituality to integrative medicine and Hippocratic health and brace yourself for an enlightening experience.

Cueva del Silencio

Be guided on your wellness journey

Guided by Anthony, guests are actively encouraged to seek a deeper understanding of holistic health during their stay. From waking up and practising Wim-Hoff exercises to drinking a glass of seawater accompanied by a delicious green juice full of vitamins and phytonutrients, to aid the internal cleansing of the body and metabolic detox- there is something to tempt all kinds of curious minds.

The Ecohotel El Agua offers a wide range of disruptive therapies available to guests, such as regenerative, intermittent or deep fasting, which triggers a series of hormonal and physiological changes causing a radical reset, known as "autophagy", whose benefits were validated through the scientific work of the Japanese Nobel Prize-winning biologist Yoshinori Oshumi, in 2016. Or the relaxing yoga sessions and Ayurvedic massages and techniques that will revitalise the body and mind.

Sustainable luxury converges with chic design

Beyond the realms of holistic health, Picq's fervour for design becomes unmistakably apparent within the confines of EcoHotel El Agua. With a background as an interior stylist, ecological farmer and garden designer, Picq has curated a space that is beyond the ordinary. 

Villa Olivo, what was once a 200-year-old farmer’s outhouse, Villa Olivo has been converted into the first in a limited series of villas, redefining the essence of boutique accommodation. Add a holistic spa, mystical cave dining space and exquisitely landscaped outdoor terraces to the mix and you have a place where time stands still and the calling to reconnect with nature echoes across the hillside.

Giving back to future generations

Anthony's ethos is entangled with holistic stewardship. We don't own the land; instead, we belong to it. Each element of his creation contributes to an aura of serenity that transcends mere aesthetics. The architecture of EcoHotel El Agua is a dialogue with nature, an elegant dance of sustainable materials and organic design that pays homage to the surroundings.

Anthony Picq's vision goes beyond providing a luxurious escape – it's about fostering a profound connection with the Earth, inspiring guests to become conscious stewards of the environment. In this sanctuary of sustainable luxury, the boundaries between self and surroundings blur, giving rise to an immersive experience where the spirit of the land whispers its tales, and guests, in turn, become storytellers of their own mindful journey.